Industrial Packaging Materials

Your Premier Heat Shrink Wrap &  Plastic Strapping Manufacturer and supplier in China.

KEEPTOP has several blown film lines and plastic strapping production lines, and standard products are in stock.

We can quickly deliver standard and custom products.

KEEPTOP supplies various Industrial packaging materials from heat shrink film to stretch film, plastic strapping to packing tape.

heat shrink film

Heat shrink wrap is perfect for various applications, Whether you need to protect, post, or store your products.

hand stretch film roll

Produce hand wrap or machine wrap stretch film. The film is to be pulled and stretched around products to secure products.

polyester strapping

Produce Plastic strapping and strapping tools. Plastic strapping is ideal for multiple uses when shipping products.

wholesale packing tape

We produce a variety of widths, colors, and adhesives Tape, Packaging Tape is an integral part of any packaging operation.

Packing Machines

KEEPTOP established a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2017, with dozens of technical engineers.

To build a professional shrink wrap machine manufacturer and supplier.

We also provide Overall Packaging Solution!

Our mission is increase your packaging efficiencies and reduce your packaging costs!

high speed shrink wrap machine

This machine is our star product.
Packing speed up to 150pcs/min.
It is suitable for packing
solid products with regular shapes.

Shrink Wrap Machines

Include Heat Shrink Tunnels,
And Side Sealing Machine!
We have many types of machines,
can pack products of any length!

cellophane wrapping machine or overwrapping machine

Also called overwrapping machine.
Can wrap kinds of rigid paper package box
or square shape product.
Attractive packaging effect.

shrink sleeve sealer machine

Also called bottle packing machine
It can be used for packaging boxes,
cans, jars, medicines, glass,
or plastic bottles.
Can be packed individually or collectively.

case erector or carton erector

Case erectors can finish the work of carton opening, shaping, folding, and sticking adhesive tapes. Suitable in Food, Medicine, Beverage, Daily necessities, Hardware, electronics, and other industries.

case sealer or carton sealing machine

Case sealers are designed to seal the case with packing tape.
Our carton sealers are available for almost any task:
random size box sealing, top and bottom sealing, side sealing, automatic flap closure, etc.


Packaging Production Line Solutions

We are a professional end-of-line packaging solutions Provider.
Connect with us and see how we can help you with packaging that
protects your products and Improves work efficiency.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose KEEPTOP


KEEPTOP Packaging was founded in 2009 has grown into a manufacturer integrating packaging materials and packaging machinery. Through years of experience, KeepTop can design and build a complete packing solution for customers’ various requirements to increase productivities, upgrade packaging appeals, reduce waste and increase overall profits.

In the international environment ravaged by COVID-19, we are committed to developing with SMEs. Packing material supports small orders. Let us work together to overcome the difficulties.

Increase Productivity Reduce Waste
Reduce Labour Costs Increase Profits