KEEPTOP Packaging 7 Systems

1. Supply Products

We produce plastic strapping, shrink wrap, and stretch wrap, and are the leading Chinese manufacturer. In order to better serve our customers, we are able to offer customized services for products with varying thicknesses, widths, and characteristics.

We have a wide variety of plastic strapping in a variety of strengths and tensile strengths, including polyester and Polypropylene. Strapping width, thickness, and color are all customizable options, and we also offer printing for personalized labels and brand identification.

We stock a wide variety of films, including polyolefin and polyethylene, that can be used as shrink wrap, each with its own unique shrink ratio and degree of transparency. Custom printing for branding or product information is available, and we provide customers the option to choose the thickness and width of their packaging.

Both cast and blown films, with varying degrees of cling, puncture resistance, and stretchability, are available for use as stretch wrap. Our customers can select the ideal film thickness and breadth for their items from among several available stretch wrap colors and sizes.

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2. Shrink Wrap Machines

KEEPTOP Packaging established a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2017, manufacturing packing machines with dozens of technical engineers.

Right now,KEEPTOP Packaging has grown into a manufacturer integrating packaging materials and packaging machinery.

Our machine products include High Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper, L Sealers, Side Sealers, Cellophane Wrapping Machines, Strapping Machines, Automatic Carton Erectors, Automatic Carton Sealers, Stretch Wrap Machines, End-of-Line Packaging Solutions, etc.

At the same time, we cooperate with more than 20 professional manufacturers to provide End-of-Line packaging solutions and Competitive price.

3. Production Management Process

After receiving your order, our production dispatcher will arrange the order, the workshop production will receive the production plan, and the production will be carried out. The quality inspector will check the quality in the intermediate link and give feedback to the quality control department.

Unqualified semi-finished products will not flow to the next link and stop loss in time.


4. QC Operation Process

To guarantee that our final goods are of the highest quality, we implement stringent quality control measures at every stage of production. We check the surface quality of plastic strapping for things like smoothness, color uniformity, and the presence of faults or contaminants. To make sure the strapping can take the strain during shipment without losing its form, we also check its tensile strength, elongation, and curling.

We check the film for flaws like holes and wrinkles, and we make sure it has the right shrink ratio and is crystal clear before using it for shrink wrap. The film’s sealing strength and puncture resistance are also evaluated to guarantee that it will keep the product safe throughout shipping and storage.

We check the film’s adherence, stretchability, and puncture resistance, and remove any imperfections such as bubbles or tears before using it for stretch wrap. We also measure the film’s strength and elongation to guarantee it can handle the required tension and keep the weight steady during shipment.

Packaging Equipment, Our quality assurance process begins with a review of all incoming materials and continues through the release of the final product. During production, our quality control staff performs many inspections to ensure that each piece of machinery meets all specifications. To guarantee the precision and dependability of our machinery, we subject it to a series of rigorous testing.
Once the machines are finished, we perform one final inspection to make sure they meet our standards. To ensure the reliability and functionality of our devices in the field, we subject them to extensive testing.

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5. Packaging Process

We have a rigorous packaging procedure in place to guarantee the safety of our goods throughout transit. Steel or plastic strapping is used to secure the product to the pallet and stretch wrap is used to cover the entire pallet for added stability and protection from moisture and dust.

To shrink-wrap an item, we first wrap it in film, then apply heat to the film, causing it to shrink and form a tight seal around the product. After loading the product onto a pallet, we stabilize it with plastic strapping and then wrap it in stretch wrap to keep it in place and prevent damage during transport.

The film is stretched tightly around the pallet and the product within, and the film wraps around the product on all sides. We then stretch wrap the pallet for further stability and plastic strap it for protection from the elements and dust and dirt.

Since our clients depend on our machines to function properly upon arrival, we take extra precautions to ensure that they are safely packaged for transport. We pack our devices in custom-made hardwood crates that are built to last. Foam padding and strapping keep the machines from shifting within the containers while in transit. Heavy-duty shrink wrap is used to hermetically encapsulate the machines and shield them from moisture and other environmental factors. Desiccants are also used to ensure that no additional moisture is introduced to your shipment.

Overall, we take great effort to guarantee that our goods are of the greatest quality and are packaged securely to prevent damage during transit.


6. Warehouse And Transportation Loading Process

After the product is packaged, it will be warehousing and transported from the packaging area to the finished product warehouse for sorting and placement. The finished product warehouse is a dry warehouse that is well ventilated, rain-proof and moisture-proof.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the incoming and outgoing quantities, the packaging of products entering the finished product warehouse is not allowed to be opened.

In the process of loading, whether it is a forklift or a crane, the loading is carried out one piece at a time to avoid damage to the pallet or wooden box during the loading process.

Trucks for inland transportation must be covered with a tarp before leaving the factory to prevent sudden rain from affecting the product packaging and quality during inland transportation.

After arriving at the port, they are directly unloaded from the truck and into the container. Special personnel will take pictures during the process of loading the container. After the container is loaded, it will be reinforced. After the reinforcement, the photo will be taken and the container will be sealed.

7. After-Sales Service

Efficient Communication Channels
We guarantee a speedy reply via email, phone, or live chat to any questions or concerns you may have. Our support staff’s first priority is providing speedy and courteous assistance to our customers.

Technical Support
To make sure our customers can set up and use our products without any problems, we provide technical support services like troubleshooting and maintenance. Our products come with comprehensive guides and tutorials, and our team is available for on-site assistance whenever it’s required.

Warranty and Return Policy
We offer a warranty for our products and have a customer-friendly return policy to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchases. If for any reason our customers are not satisfied with our products, we offer refunds or exchanges, hassle-free.

Customized Services
Through customer input, we are able to tailor every aspect of our products to the individual tastes of our clientele. If you have specific needs, our staff is happy to work with you to provide tailored solutions.

In conclusion, we take great pride in being an established Chinese manufacturer of plastic strapping, shrink wrap, and stretch wrap, and in providing our customers with effective channels of communication, technical support, warranty and return policies, tailored services, and training and education programs.

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