Companies in today’s fast-paced packaging industry must overcome the difficulty of packaging goods of varying dimensions.

Regarding shrink-wrapping and packing items, no other technology compares to the Complete Automatic Shrink Wrap technology for High-Speed Applications.

This high-tech shrink-wrapping system streamlines the packing process by combining an Automated Side Sealer with a High-Speed Shrink Tunnel and infeed/outfeed conveyors.

The cosmetics, electronics, books, frames, carpets, and greeting card industries are just some of the many that might benefit from this system’s intuitive design, adaptability, and rapid processing times.

The critical component of this setup is the automatic side seal shrink wrapper.

Let’s look closer at automatic side seal shrink wrappers and see how they solve problems, boost output, and fit in with existing packaging lines.

Conquering infinite length and Irregularity

When confronted with lengthy or irregularly-shaped products, the Automatic Side Sealer demonstrates its mettle.

A cross sealing bar and a side sealing wheel constitute the side sealer.

Photoelectric optical sensors are installed for dependable product detection.

As products pass the cross sealing bar, the shrink film is sealed and cut with a hot knife.

Simultaneously, the side sealing wheel begins sealing.

This design allows for the wrapping of products of indefinite length, such as carpets.

Similarly, the Side Sealer is ideally suited for irregularly shaped products, which may present obstacles for other packaging methods.

The side sealer is equipped with beginning and ending product sensors to maintain a uniform bag length around the product. The sensors reduce the film optimally around the product as it passes through the optional shrink tunnel.

Automatic side seal shrink wrapping machine packing carpets

Automatic Side Sealer Packaging irregularly shaped products

Customization and Problem Solving

We at KEEPTOP Packaging offer customization services for automatic side sealers.

We can adjust the dimensions of the side seal machine and the shrink tunnel to fit more oversized products, such as cartons.

This tailored approach ensures a snug fit, conserving precious package space.

To further ensure consistent and reliable seals, the Side Sealer features accurate temperature control, adjustable conveyor speed, and sealing pressure settings to accommodate various product kinds and shrink film qualities.

shrink wrap machine packaging large size cartons

Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrapper Packaging Large Size Frames

The Power of Automation

The Automatic Side Sealer is one example of how automation may benefit companies significantly.

This marvel of packaging technology is automated, eliminating the need for human interaction to boost efficiency and output across the board.

By automating packing, businesses may cut expenses, focus on other priorities, and increase output without sacrificing quality.

Seamless Integration and Versatility

The compatibility of the Automatic Side Sealer with other packaging equipment enables seamless integration into packaging production lines.

Companies can create highly efficient and interconnected packaging workflows by combining the Side Sealer with upstream processes, such as product input systems and downstream components, such as conveyors and shrink tunnels.

This integration facilitates operations and enables end-to-end automation, resulting in a unified and coordinated packaging procedure.

Aluminum packing and palletizing production line: End-of-line packaging solutions

Other features of automatic side seal shrink wrapping machine

Our High Speed Automatic Side Sealers Packing speed is up to 60pcs/min. Can easily pack more than 3000 products per hour

The machine has an Intuitive user interface that requires little operator training.

Side seal machines are Suitable for PE, PVC, and POF. Highly recommended for use with polyolefin centerfold shrink film.

A crosslinked polyolefin shrink film works great with a side sealing machine. The side sealing wheel makes stronger seals with a crosslinked film.


When combined with a shrink tunnel, conveyors, and POF shrink film, the Automatic Side Sealer revolutionizes the packaging industry.

Its adaptability and indispensability as a packaging solution are made apparent by its ability to accommodate long-length, irregular, and oversized products and by the personalization choices and automation advantages it offers.

The Automatic Side Sealer helps firms improve efficiency and quality in packing processes of all kinds.

Take advantage of this cutting-edge packaging technique to dramatically improve your packing output.

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