horizontal flow wrapper | flow wrap machine

High Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper

High Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper is our star product.

Its Packing speed is up to 150pcs/min.

It is suitable for packing solid products with regular shapes.

High Speed Horizontal Shrink Wrap Machine Packaging Case

L Bar Sealer

Automatic L-Sealers

Automatic L Sealer is a cost-effective and versatile heat shrink wrap machine.

It is suitable for products of different heights and lengths.

Its packaging speed can reach 40pcs/min.

Automatic L Sealers Packaging Case

Side seal shrink wrap machine

Automatic Side Sealer

Automatic Side Sealer can pack products of any length.

The length is not limited. Perfect for wrapping long items.

The packaging speed can reach 35pcs/min.

Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrap Machines Packaging Case

High Speed Side seal Wrapper

High Speed Automatic Side Sealers

We offer a range of automatic high-speed automatic side sealers for higher-speed applications.

Packing speed up to 60pcs/min.

The machine can pack products of any length at high speed.

Automatic Side Sealers Packaging Case

shrink bundling machine

Shrink Bundling Machine

Shrink bundling machine will form round cuffs on the left and right ends of the product for easy handling.

It is very suitable for packaging bulky and heavier products.

Shrink Bundling Machine

Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Cellophane wrapping machine is an excellent choice for small box packaging.

Can wrap kinds of rigid paper package box or square shape product.

It has an attractive wrapping effect.

Cellophane Wrapping Machine