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The cellophane wrapping machine is also called the overwrapping machine.

This machine is an excellent choice for small box packaging.

It can provide a beautiful product display effect. Let the product become high-end so that customers have the desire to buy.

Perfect for cigarettes, minor cosmetics, small skincare products, perfumes, nail polishes, pokers, condoms, CD, DVD, Blu-ray cases, etc.

KEEPTOP also provides various types of shrink wrap machines to meet the packaging needs of different products.

Video of Cellophane Wrapping Machine

perfume box wrapping machine

How the cellophane wrapping machine works?

This machine is fully automatic high-speed clear film packaging equipment.

The perfume box wrapping machine relies on a series of internal cams to drive various connecting rods and components to complete the packaging.

As shown in the picture, it is the whole packaging process of the overwrapping machine:

cellophane wrapping machine packaging process

1.  push box

2. vertical film feeding

3. pre-seal

4. cold seal

5. fold on both sides

6. fold down on both sides

7. side seal

8. shaping

9. finished

The commercial value of cellophane wrapping

Beautifully packaged

Packaging consumables are usually combined with cellophane film and an easy tear line.

It has a charming packaging effect and improves the commercial attractiveness of the product, moisture-proof and dust-proof.


At the same time, easy tear lines can print the company logo or trademark on the easy tear line according to customer needs, which plays an anti-counterfeiting effect.

Good purchase experience

Customers can easily and quickly unpack the cellophane film only through the easy tear line when they unpack the package.

Provide customers with a good buying experience.

No waste film

The fully automatic cellophane wrapping machine is the most economical packaging material of all shrink wrapping machines and has almost no waste film.

Because the machine folds and heat seal the film, the film completely wraps the product.

Therefore, this machine does not need to reserve too much shrink film like other shrink packaging machines.

what is cellophane film?

Cellophane film is also called BOPP film. It is a packing film with a superior mechanical nature, clear and moisture-proof, formed by processing draft Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) vertically and horizontally.

In 3D packaging, the packaging material is supposed to be rigid enough in a way that it can fold and crease without flopping to make the wrapping or overwrapping process to be smooth.

BOPP film is an appropriate choice.

BOPP Film Featuring details :
High transparency and gloss

High tensile strength

High grease barrier

Low static electricity

Superior thickness uniformity

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Technical parameters of cellophane wrapping machine


DES-300A  Overwrapping Machine


220V 50Hz



Packaging Speed


Film Type

BOPP Film and Easy Tear Line

Maximum Packing Size


Machine Dimension


Machine Weight


More technical features

The frequency Inverter adjusts the packing speed. The packing rate is up to 80pcs/min.

It is equipped with a static eliminator, effectively eliminating the static electricity adsorbed on the packaging film and making the film feeding smoother.

The machine adopts a new double rotary film cutting knife, the service life is increased by five times, and the film cutting is more accurate and smooth.

It is equipped with double-sided wrinkle shaping and a beauty device, making the film packaging more beautiful.

Application scenarios of Cellophane sealing machine

3D packaging machine packaging case

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