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Hand stretch film roll is specifically designed to be applied manually and is typically utilized in low-volume packaging operations.

KEEPTOP’s stretch wraps offer quiet unwind, low haze, and excellent tear resistance.

And characteristics include excellent anti-piercing and stretching ability.

Lightweight, strong tenacity, excellent puncture resistance, and good self-adhesion.

And the price is affordable.

KEEPTOP provides manufacturing and wholesale services for the stretch wrap.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Introduction to Hand Stretch wrap

specifications of hand stretch film roll 


Hand Stretch Film


For Manual Stretch Wrapping


10 um - 35 um (40 gauge - 140 gauge) or as Customer’s Request


300 mm - 500 mm (12 inch - 20 inch) or as Customer’s Request

Core Dimension

50mm/76mm (2''/3'') 



Pack Qty

1/2/4/6/8 Roll/Carton

Hand stretch film, also known as hand wrap film, is a type of stretch film that is applied by hand or using a dispenser.
Rolls of hand stretch film typically weigh under 11 pounds (5 kgs).
Although other widths are available, 12 – 20 inch lengths (30 – 50 cm) are the most prevalent.
The primary materials used to produce hand stretch films are typically low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and a tackifier.
Stretchable to a tensile strength of 0–150%.

KEEPTOP‘s hand wrap film is typically made with a higher quality material that is more resistant to punctures and tears. Easy stretch to max holding force.

It is also often more durable and able to withstand harsh handling conditions during transportation.

Hand stretch wrap is an excellent choice for packaging needs where extra support and stability are required to protect the contents of the package.

KEEPTOP manufacture and provide many varieties of hand stretch wrap that can be used in various situations.

As a specialized manufacturer, we are always ready to assist our customers.

We will collaborate with you to develop efficient solutions and investigate load stability.

Hand Stretch Film Packaging Case

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