High Speed Automatic Side Sealers

  • Automatic High Speed Side Sealer
  • Automatic High Speed Shrink Wrap Machine
  • automatic side sealing machine

We offer a range of Automatic Side Sealers for higher speed applications, providing excellent performance and value for money.

The complete system consists of an Automatic side sealer and a Heat Shrink Tunnel,

with shrink wrapping speeds of up to 60 packs per minute,

and tens of thousands of products can be packed a day.

Compared to conventional automatic L sealers, the machine can pack products of any length at high speed.

If you want to improve the production efficiency to 150pcs/min, you can consider KEEPTOP’s star product, High-Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper.

Picture of high speed automatic side sealers’s electrical panel

Electrical Panel of side sealing machine

Electrical components from Siemens and Panasonic

internationally famous brands electrical components

Electrical components from Omron and Schneider

Electrical Panel of side seal wrapper

Panasonic Servo Motor

Air Outlets on both sides of shrink tunnel

Thickened Steel Plate

More features of high speed automatic side sealers

  • Intermittent motion or continuous motion is available.
  • Easy to operate, and no special training is required.
  • All electronic components adopt internationally famous brands. PLC programmable controller ensures the machine’s high-speed stability with safety protection and alarm device.
  • We are using the original OMRON digital temperature controller. Sealing blade temperature is susceptible and accurate, and we can be arbitrarily set. Do not worry about hurting the product of imprecise temperature.
  • Servo control series could realize excellent shrink packaging in the condition of high efficiency. During the high-speed running procession, the machine will act stable and reliable and make the products deliver smoothly during the continuous packaging to avoid the situation that products slide and are displaced.
  • The side sealing machine is equipped with photoelectric horizontal and vertical detection for choice to finish the sealing of small products efficiently.
  • The shrink wrap machine is made of a high-quality steel plate.
  • The operator can efficiently complete a variety of Settings on the touch screen operation. It can store the product packaging parameters in the system, which packaging parameters can directly transfer from the system during use.
  • Suggest using POF shrink film and centerfold film. Sealing and shrink wrapping a wide variety of products in Polyolefin shrink film makes the product more commercially attractive and protects storage, presentation, and shipping. Help manufacturers, distributors, and retailers work efficiently.
  • We are Global Shrink Wrap Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers and provide customized services!

specifications of high speed side seal shrink wrap machine



High Speed Automatic Side Sealer


Shrink Tunnel


220V 50Hz/60Hz

380V 50Hz/60Hz




Packaging Speed



Film Type



Packing Size/Tunnel size

L Unlimited W+H≤450mm H≤150mm


Machine Dimension



Machine Weight



Packaging effect of High Speed shrink wrap machine

Polyolefin Shrink Film Package effect

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