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The packaging speed of our High-Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper is up to 80-150pcs/min, which saves you a lot of labor costs.

It can reduce waste film by 10% compared to the traditional shrink wrap machine.

This type of machine is our star product!!!

High Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper specifications



Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine

Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine


220V 50Hz/60Hz

380V 50Hz/60Hz




Packaging Speed



Film Type



Packing Size/Tunnel size

L 120-530mm     W 30-200mm

H 50-130mm


Machine Dimension



Machine Weight



Why use a horizontal flow wrap machine?

How High Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper Works

The Horizontal Flow Wrapper is called Flow Wrap Machine or Flow Wrapping Mchine.

The Horizontal Form-Fill and Seal (HFFS) System is the process of making a horizontal bag from a single roll of heat shrink film.

Shink Flow wrappers perform four tasks in one fluid and continuous operation – forming a tubular shape, filling it with products, sealing, and finally passing through the heat shrink tunnel. The shrink film is heated to make it fit closely on the product surface.

Products are manually or automatically placed onto an infeed conveyor, which transports the product to the former.

A single layer of shrink film is fed into the flow wrap machine, and the former guides the shrink film to create a tubular shape around the product.

After the product has traveled through the former, the two edges of the shrink film are joined together above or under the center of the product.

Then the joined edges of the shrink film are then sealed together.

Then the product is transported through the rotary Knife. As the cutting head rotates, it simultaneously seals and cuts the front of one package and the back end of another.

The finished package is discharged from the sealing and cutting head area by a conveyor belt.

how the horizontal flow wrap machine works

Features of The High Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper Works

The shrink flow wrapper makes the product more commercially attractive and protects storage, presentation, and shipping.

The flow wrap machine is suitable for solid products with regular packaging shape and small volume.

The critical feature of the shrink flow wrapper is its high speed. It Can pack 200,000 products a day!

Compared with the Automatic L Sealer and Automatic Side Sealers, Flow Wrapper can reduce the waste film by 10% and save cost. So it can help you make more money!

horizontal flow wrap machine packaging case

KEEPTOP’s high-speed shrink flow wrapper also has the following features:

  • Three servo motors: horizontal seal&vertical seal, film feed motor, and product feeding Platform, be controlled by three servo motors individually. It is more extensible and can be combined with other equipment to quickly form a packaging production line.
  • Color touch screen display: positioning shutdown, automatic fault diagnosis function, the show is clear and glance.
  • PLC program control: automatically detect product length and cut. The operator needn’t adjust the unloading working, saving time and film.
  • Once there is no product detected on the conveyor belt, it includes a sensor, and the machine will stop working.
  • The Flow Wrap Machine is equipped with safety devices such as overload protection, leakage protection, and fault alarm to protect the safety and service life of the machine.
  • The Shrink Frow Wrapper is suitable for packing various solid regular objects, such as Cosmetics, Instant food, Stationery, Tissue paper, Books, Hardware, Beverages, Grinding wheels, etc.

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Keeptop is a professional shrink wrap machine manufacturer. We can provide customized services for customers.

The following points are the factors that most customers consider when choosing a machine:

a. the different characteristics of the products to be packaged;

b. the cost budget for purchasing the device;

c. the packaging efficiency requirements;

d. the packaging effect requirements.

Therefore, the following points need to be paid attention to when selecting a machine:

1. Upper Film Feeding System VS Lower Film Feeding System of the Shrink Flow Wrapper

With the product conveyor belt as the horizontal line, the Film Feeding System above the horizontal line is the Upper Film Feeding System. Below is the Lower Film Feeding System.

high speed shrink flow wrapper

The machine with upper film feeding

high speed shrink flow wrap machine

The machine with lower film feeding

Since the heat shrink film wraps the product from top to bottom, it appears that it is not covered in the shrink film and does not move forward with the film.

Lead to the occurrence of material clamping.

The film comes out from below in the Lower Film Feeding System, and the conveyor belt pushes the product directly onto the film.

The film is under the product, wrapping the product from bottom to top, and the product directly moves forward with the film, which can reduce material clamping.

So if the product is multiple packaging or long or soft, such as grinding wheels, tableware, dried noodles, towels, paper towels, egg rolls, and fresh fruits, Lower Film Feeding System is a good choice.

The upper film feeding system is suitable for Product shape is regular.

2. Servo drive VS Frequency inverter of the Shrink Flow Wrapper

The servo driver drives the servo motor, and the frequency inverter can manipulate the frequency inverter motor and the ordinary AC motor.

Compared with variable frequency drive, the main feature of servo drive is high-precision positioning, which can realize automatic control.

Reduces the adjustment of mechanical transmission parts and improves the accuracy of the motion. It increases packing speed, improves packing effect, and reduces waste film.

But in terms of cost, the servo drive system is more expensive than the frequency inverter!

3. reciprocating knife VS rotary knife of the Shrink Flow Wrapper

The rotary knife cuts the shrink film through the rotary motion of the sealing knife and completes the packaging.

The reciprocating knife cuts the packaging film by moving up and down two sealing knives under the action of compressed air to complete the packaging.

The sealing of the reciprocating knife for sealing and cutting the packaging film is stronger than that of the rotary knife, and the cutting knife has no wear and tear.

The height of the reciprocating knife to package the product is higher than that of the rotary knife, which can reach 130mm.

The reciprocating knife has a beautiful seal and no wrinkles and is suitable for products with high packaging aesthetic requirements.

The reciprocating knife packing speed is 40-80 pcs/min. The wrapping speed is slower than the rotary knife.

The price of the reciprocating knife is high relative to the rotary knife.

Reciprocating Knife Vs Rotary Knife of the Shrink Flow Wrapper

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What kind of shrink wrap film is suitable for high-speed shrink flow wrapper?

The high-speed shrink flow wrapper can use three types of films: POF, PVC, PE. But We strongly recommend using POF shrink film.

Because Polyolefin film is Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, in line with FDA and USDA standards, and can be used to package food.

With high clear and good gloss, it can clearly show the appearance of the product.

With large shrinkage and good flexibility, it can be used for packaging any shape of goods.

It has good cold resistance and can maintain flexibility at -50°C without embrittlement.

We provide cross-linked POF shrink film, especially for high-speed horizontal flow wrappers!

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