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KEEPTOP’s machine stretch film roll, the Pre-stretch rate can reach 300%-400%, which results in less waste and cost savings for stretch film users.

Good self-adhesion, stretch film tightly wrap the product, not easy to fall off, to ensure stable transportation of the goods.

Excellent puncture resistance.

KEEPTOP provides manufacturing and wholesale services for the stretch wrap.

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Introduction to Machine Stretch wrap

specifications of Machine Stretch Film Roll


stretch film wrap


For Stretch Wrap Machine


10 um - 30 um (40 gauge - 140 gauge) or as Customer’s Request


450 mm/500 mm (18 inch - 20 inch) or as Customer’s Request

Core Dimension

76 mm (3'') or as Customer’s Request



Pack Qty

1/2/4/6 Roll/Carton

Machine stretch film introduction

Machine Stretch Film, a vital component in modern packaging, is designed for application using automated wrapping machines.

This specialized film provides optimal load containment, stability, and efficiency in high-volume pallet wrapping scenarios.

Nowadays, the most common substrates are metallocene PE (MPE), C 4, C 6, C 8, and LLDPE.

KEEPTOP Packaging can provide machine stretch film in various thicknesses and widths to accommodate different load weights and wrapping scenarios.

We offer customization options to address your unique needs.

Characteristics and benefits of our machine stretch wrap film include:

Outstanding Stretchability: Our Machine Stretch Film is distinguished by its exceptional stretchability, guaranteeing a precise and secure fit to pallet cargoes of diverse sizes and shapes.

Achieving a consistent thickness throughout the film guarantees dependable performance and stability under load.

Elevated Clarity: Exceptional transparency facilitates barcode scanning and enables the identification of packaged products effortlessly.

Machine Stretch Film increases efficiency by minimizing the amount of manual labor required to wrap pallets.

Cost-Effectiveness: Maximize load stability, minimize waste, and ensure consistent film usage to attain cost savings.

Environmental Sustainability: We strive to balance efficacy and eco-friendliness when designing our films.

Advantages for Enterprises of KEEPTOP Packaging:

Global Expertise: With our status as a committed exporter of stretch film, we leverage our extensive global expertise to meet a wide range of packaging requirements.

We Tailor solutions that are developed per the particular demands and applications of a given industry.

Strict quality control procedures guarantee that our Machine Stretch Film conforms to the most elevated benchmarks.

We guarantee a dependable supply chain and customer support team to fulfill your demands consistently.

To learn more about how our Machine Stretch Film can revolutionize your packaging strategies, please get in touch with us.

Package Case of Machine stretch film wrap

stretch film wrap packaging case

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