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Polyethylene shrink film, also called PE shrink film. is a surface protective film.

It is widely used in the centralized packaging of various goods.

Especially in bottled drinking water.

Polyethylene shrink film is highly strong and often used for heavier product packaging.

KEEPTOP provides manufacturing and wholesale services for the heat shrink wrap.

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specifications of polyethylene shrink film


PE shrink film


25micron-80micron or as Customer’s Request


100mm-2000mm or as Customer’s Request


100m - 1000m

Core Dimension




Pack Qty

1/2/4/6/8 Roll/Carton


200 Kilograms

Video of PE shrink film

PE shrink film shrink wrap case

description of PE shrink film

PE shrink film is an eco-friendly shrink wrap.

A five-layer co-extrusion process is adopted.

The polyethylene film we produce has the following characteristics:

1. It has low requirements for heat-sealing equipment and can be operated on most shrink wrap machines.

2. Large shrinkage rate. The shrinkage rate is generally ≥30%

3. Strong tear and puncture resistance. Super waterproof.


pe shrink film package case

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