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Shrink flow wrapper packs products very fast, it belongs to high-speed packaging, which can meet customers’ requirements for production efficiency.

In response to the demand for Polyolefin Shrink Film for high-speed shrink wrap machines, KEEPTOP Packaging designed and developed this shrink film.

It is a single-wound film.

Video of High Speed POF shrink film

POF Shrink Film

Case for POF Shrink Film For High Speed Shrink Wrap Machine

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description of polyolefin shrink film

DES-01G and DES-01W are polyolefin heat shrinkable films produced by the double bubble process.

Compared with other general POF shrink film, DES-01G and DES-01W are suitable for high-speed packaging and have very good heat-sealing and antistatic properties.

DES-01W is excellent in packaging bowl noodles, milk tea, and other products, providing High Clarity. The packaging effect is a perfect fit.

The highest packing speed is up to 250 pcs/min.

Other specifications and models POF shrink films are widely used in multiple packaging, such as fruit juice and dry noodles.

In the packaging process of the high-speed shrink flow wrapper, the polyolefin shrink film wraps the product from both sides and then seals it.

So the product type is only a single wound film.

It is suitable for various products such as candy, soap, snacks, gift boxes, books, etc.

We provide clear shrink wrap and can print according to customer needs. Customers only need to send us the design drawings.

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specifications of polyolefin shrink film for high speed shrink wrap machine



polyolefin shrink wrap


polyolefin shrink wrap

Applicable Machine

High Speed Shrink FLow Wrapper


single wound film, Packing speed 150pcs/min

single wound film, Packing speed 250pcs/min





2000M-3000M or as Customer’s Request

2000M-3000M or as Customer’s Request







Shrink temperature



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