Plastic Strapping

KEEPTOP Packaging is a full-service leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic strapping, strapping machines, and strapping tools.

Plastic strapping widths with various break strengths and gauges are available.

Dimensions are 5 – 25mm wide and 0.45 – 1.2mm thick, covering strapping for hand and machineusage.

Plastic strapping provides custom printing services with the company, product names or promotional messages.

Our strapping equipment and systems are suitable for various industries and products.

From pallets to newspapers to bottles and cans, our strapping systems ensure the protection of your products during handling, storage, and throughout the shipping process.

polypropylene strapping

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene Strapping is a lighter quality, environmentally friendly plastic strapping made of polypropylene.

Poly Strapping is suitable for bundling cartons, pallets, and other commodities weighing several kilograms to hundreds.

Custom Printing Polypropylene Strapping

Custom Printed Polypropylene Strapping

Printed shipping and packaging materials can help to brand your product line.

Custom printed plastic strapping offers the added value of advertising your company and securing your packages while in transit.

PP Strapping

Polyester Strapping

Polyester Strapping is a great alternative to steel strapping.

It provides higher level tension retaining capabilities, outstanding elongation, and high breaking strength at a low cost.

Polyester strapping is stronger than polypropylene strapping and more affordable than steel strapping.

black polyester strapping

Black PET Strapping

The Black PET Strapping is a Green PET Strap with black fuel and additives, which improves the performance of Polyester and makes the color of the belt and the packaging integrated.

Polyester Strap

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KEEPTOP plastic straps Features and Benefits



Manufactured with virgin material, which provides consistent break load. Twelve steps of testing procedures. Product qualification rate 99.9%.KEEPTOP’s plastic strapping will run on your machines with close-to-zero abrasion.


24-Hours Online. The fastest delivery within 3 workdays. Pre-sale: The team provides professional services to 1500+ customers. Sales: Interact with customers about the order progress every 2 days at least. After-sale: Provide sales strategies to help customers deal immediately.


Reduces Cost

Excellent quality and a competitive price.
Our plastic straps’ lesser weight allows a higher yield, leading to the reduced freight cost.

Qualification Scale

Factory area of 8000 square meters.
Annual capacity can be 7000 tons.
Being identified by the ISO9001.

KEEPTOP plastic banding Characteristic

KEEPTOP‘s plastic strap Easily conforms to corners, and no sharp edges make this strapping safe to use.

Camber is what causes cheaper poorly made strap to fail in arch machines. A pliable strap is very important when an arch strapper feeds and reverses. Our plastic banding is strong yet very pliable.

Our polypropylene plastic strapping For a variety of applications-bundling palletizing and unitizing. Shrinks along with loads while maintaining tension.

KEEPTOP manufactures world class high standard polyester plastic strapping.

Our PET plastic strapping is proven highly effective in hundreds of applications that require special technical requirements, such as endure with high temperatures, high breaking strength, high tensile strength and elongation.

It performs smoothly and reliably in manual application tools and power strapping machines.

How are plastic straps made?

KEEPTOP Packaging has 2 PET production lines and 3 PP production lines.

Plastic straps are made primarily from one of two different plastic resins: Polypropylene (PP) or Polyester (PET).

PET Strapping Manufacturing Process:

The raw materials of KEEPTOP Packaging produce Polyester Strapping, mainly recycled bottle flakes or PET pellets.

The whole production process needs the following stages:


Preheating–Drying–Crystallisation:  Drying is an important part of the production of PET Strapping, and these three steps are all for drying the raw materials.

Extrusion: The pellets or the flakes are melted after internal processing in the extruder.

The melted material is extruded through multiple-channel dies.

The extruded straps start with a wide extruded sheet.

Cooling: The melt is cooled down in a water bath until solidification.

Stretching: The heated straps are pulled through a low speed five roller–heating furnace–high speed five roller, respectively, and stretched to the required technical properties. Such as tensile strength and stretching.

The straps narrow after stretching.

Embossing: The embossing process increases the friction on the surface of the plastic strapping.

Fixing: The strap is reheated, stretched, and air-cooled to stabilize the strap and remains straight.

Winding:  The PET straps are fully automatically winded according to the required length.

Quality: We quality test every batch of raw PET flakes to comply with ISO9001 certification.

Every batch of plastic straps is quality tested for elongation. Breaking strain, dimensions, weight, and splitting strength.

PP Strapping Manufacturing Process:

KEEPTOP Packaging uses only virgin PP resin for Polypropylene strapping.

PP raw materials do not need drying treatment.

The whole production process needs the following stages:


What is the use of Plastic Strapping?

Plastic strapping is used in a variety of situations.

Bundle products together, reinforce cartons and help you to secure the package.

It protects products from movement either in storage or during shipment.

To protect items during shipment or keep them organized and secure during storage.

Plastic strapping bands are used in shipping, storage, and packing operations to secure packages, boxes, and bundles.

They secure items in various applications, including general strapping products to pallets, strapping newspapers, bottles, and palletizing bricks.

Many people choose to use a combination of stretch film and strapping to help secure loads of different sizes and weights.

The benefits of using Plastic strapping

Speed: With a strapping machine in place, it is easier and more efficient to send your product through your production line.

Security: Strapping is extremely strong and dependable for bundling and containment of heavy-duty items.

Bulk Items: Great for securing multiple lengths or sizes of tubing or plumbing materials for shipping and protection.

Seafood/Cold Storage: Strong plastic Strapping is excellent for shipping crates of frozen items and can withhold cold temperatures.

What types of strapping?

Polypropylene strapping: polypropylene strapping is suitable for light and medium-duty applications. It is economical and efficient.

It resists splitting and has a smooth, uniform surface.

Poly strapping is suitable for strapping machines, manual strapping machines, semi-automatic strapping machines, and fully automatic strapping machines.

Poly strapping bands are widely used in newspapers, publishing houses, bookstores, paper mills, department stores, food, post offices, confectionery shops, wood, and other industries.

PP strapping is the most commonly used plastic strapping.

Customers can choose a variety of colors and can print the logo according to customer needs.

Steel strapping: It is generally used for hefty products, such as bundling integral transport parts or fixing loads in train cars, trailers, or ocean freighters.

It is rarely used for shrinking loads that sink or shift after bundling, but It can be firmly bundled.

Compressed load is often used for lashing rigid loads.

Polyester strapping: It has the highest strength and the highest continuous tension in the plastic strapping.

PET strap is an excellent material for rigid loads requiring continuous strapping tension during loading, unloading, transportation, and storage.

Its elongation and recovery characteristics help straps stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking.

Polyester strap is commonly used for heavy applications such as can, brick, wood, Fabric, Glass, Paper, etc.

Polyester Strapping is stronger than polypropylene strapping and more affordable than steel strapping.

It offers comparable tensile strengths at a fraction of the cost.

KEEPTOP mainly produces polypropylene strapping and PET strapping.

Differences Between Polypropylene Strapping and Polyester Strapping

Characteristics of strapping bands

PP Strapping

Polyester Strap

Raw material



Melting point



Production Process

No need to be dry

Need to be dry

Printing method

Ink roll printing

Coding printing

Production equipment

Simple structure and low investment

Complicated structure, high investment

Production energy consumption


2-3 times more than PP

Requirements for raw materials

Can add calcium carbonate

High purity

Breaking strength


1.5-2 times more than PP

Elongation at break






Cracking degree

Longitudinal cracking

Longitudinal uncracked

Bundled object

Lighter items such as cartons

Replace steel straps to tie up heavy objects

Strapping effect

Easy to release

Continued tension

Aging degree

Easy to age

Does not age for several years

Use tools

PP dedicated tools

PET dedicated tools

Cost of use


Slightly above PP

KEEPTOP’s commitment

If you are considering adding strapping bands to your packaging solution, or if there are any questions, contact us for a FREE packaging consultation.

We can provide technical support by phone, Video, and site service upon request.

We are looking forward to long-term and successful co-operation with customers worldwide.

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