Shrink Wrap Machines

The role of the heat shrink wrap machines is to pack the product.

The machine wraps the heat shrink film loosely around the product and then heats it to cover it tightly.

Heat Shrink Wrap makes products more commercially attractive and protects storage, display, and shipping.

Most shrink wrapping machines consist of two parts, the sealer, and the shrink tunnel.

They are used to complete the work of shrink film sealing and heating, respectively.

KEEPTOP is a professional high-speed horizontal shrink wrap machines manufacturer.

There are various types of shrink packaging machines available for customers.

KEEPTOP can also customize according to the needs of customers.

horizontal flow wrapper | flow wrap machine

High Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper

High Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper is our star product.

Its Packing speed is up to 150pcs/min.

It is suitable for packing solid products with regular shapes.

High Speed Horizontal Shrink Wrap Machine Packaging Case

L Bar Sealer

Automatic L-Sealers

Automatic L Sealer is a cost-effective and versatile heat shrink wrap machine.

It is suitable for products of different heights and lengths.

Its packaging speed can reach 40pcs/min.

Automatic L Sealers Packaging Case

Side seal shrink wrap machine

Automatic Side Sealer

Automatic Side Sealer can pack products of any length.

The length is not limited. Perfect for wrapping long items.

The packaging speed can reach 35pcs/min.

Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrap Machines Packaging Case

High Speed Side seal Wrapper

High Speed Automatic Side Sealers

We offer a range of automatic high-speed automatic side sealers for higher-speed applications.

Packing speed up to 60pcs/min.

The machine can pack products of any length at high speed.

Automatic Side Sealers Packaging Case

shrink bundling machine

Shrink Bundling Machine

Shrink bundling machine will form round cuffs on the left and right ends of the product for easy handling.

It is very suitable for packaging bulky and heavier products.

Shrink Bundling Machine

Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Cellophane wrapping machine is an excellent choice for small box packaging.

Can wrap kinds of rigid paper package box or square shape product.

It has an attractive wrapping effect.

Cellophane Wrapping Machine

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Why choose heat shrink wrap?

Commercial Value of Heat Shrink Wrap

The article said shrink wrapping could make a product more commercially attractive.

For example, as shown in the picture on the right, after the book is wrapped with shrink film, Doesn’t it feel crystal clear?

High gloss film that is perfect for displaying your product proudly.

At the same time, shrink packaging can also protect the product from moisture and scratches.

the effect of shrink wrap
the case for shrink wrap

Therefore, as shown in the picture on the left.

The thread for clothes will not loosen after shrink-wrapping.

And they can be protected from being scratched.

Low cost

Whether your product is regular or irregular in shape, heat shrink wrap works well to wrap your product tightly.

And most products will shrink in size after shrink packaging, so shrink packaging saves space compared to other packaging methods.

Shrinkwrapping can help businesses transport more goods while using the same size container.

In addition, the price of shrink film is meager, which is a very economical and practical packaging method for enterprises.

Why Choose a Fully Automatic Heat Shrink Wrapping Machines?

This video compares the packing speed of a Semi-automatic L Bar Sealer vs. an Automatic L sealer vs. a High Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper.

The packaging speed of the high speed shrink flow wrapper is up to 150pcs/min, which is 50 times the semi-automatic packaging speed.

The advantage of the fully automatic packaging machine is the speed, and the packaging process does not require manual intervention. Just put the product manually on the conveyor belt.

KEEPTOP also provides fully automated End-of-line packaging solutions.

So the amount of packs per day determines which tool you choose.

If the daily packaging volume is less than 500, you can directly purchase manual machines, Impulse sealers and I bar sealers on Amazon, and manual packaging is sufficient.

Suppose the daily packaging volume is 500-2000. Consider purchasing a semi-automatic L bar sealer.

If the daily packaging volume is more than 2000, an automatic shrink wrap machine is the best choice.

How to Choose Suitable Automatic Shrink Wrappers?

Consider the following points:

1. Product Size

Measure the length, width, and height of the largest and smallest products to ensure the machine is the right size.

2. Forecast Production Levels

Choose a machine that can meet the long-term development needs of the enterprise.

3. Workshop Size

Make sure your workshop has enough space for the machine.

4. Types of Shrink Film

Polyolefin shrink filmIt has a wide range of applications and is perfect for direct food contact and retail items. Soft to the touch.

PVC shrink film: contains chlorides and is gradually eliminated from the market.

Polyethylene shrink film: Used for packaging heavy retail items and industrial items.

Biaxially oriented polypropylene(BOPP): which is the most widely used in cigarette box packaging.

After considering the above points clearly, you can choose a suitable heat shrink wrapping machine through the following comparison table:

Automatic L-Sealers

Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrap Machines

High Speed Side Seal Wrapper

High Speed Shrink Flow Wrapper

Shrink Bundling Machine

Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Packaging Speed

1-40 pcs/min

1-35 pcs/min

20-60 pcs/min

30-150 pcs/min

1-10 pcs/min

40-80 pcs/min

Packing Size




can be customized

L Unlimited



L Unlimited



L 120-530mm

W 30-200mm

H 50-130mm

Cutter Size:

600mmCutter Size:

Maximum Packing Size:


Film Type






BOPP Film and Easy Tear Line

scope of Application

Suitable for food, medicine, beverages, tobacco, daily chemicals, automobiles, cables, cosmetics, electronic products, etc.

Suitable for printing, color boxes, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, medicine, electronics, daily chemicals, cosmetics, auto parts, hardware, food, aluminum, water pipes, etc.

Suitable for printing, color boxes, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, medicine, electronics, daily chemicals, cosmetics, auto parts, hardware, food, aluminum, water pipes, etc.

It is suitable for solid products with regular packaging shape and small volume

It is very suitable for packaging bulky and heavier products.such as cartons, flat pack furniture, books, cans, mineral water, beer, glass bottles, beverages, etc.

Perfect for cigarettes, minor cosmetics, small skincare products, perfumes, nail polishes, pokers, condoms, CD, DVD, Blu-ray cases, etc.

Machine Dimension





Shrink Bundling Machine


Shrink Tunnel



Why Choose KEEPTOP Packaging?

KEEPTOP Packaging is a Global Heat Shrink Wrap Machines Manufacturer & Supplier and provides customized services!

We have supplied packaging materials and packaging machinery for over 14 years to thousands of companies.

Electronic components adopt internationally famous brands!

For example, We are using the original OMRON digital temperature controller.

Sealing blade temperature is susceptible and accurate, and we can be arbitrarily set.

Do not worry about hurting the product of imprecise temperature.

Electrical Panel of side sealing machine

Electrical Panel of Heat Shrink Wrap Machines

One-year warranty for all purchased heat shrink wrap machines. When it is shipped, we will give you free wearing parts during the order.

In order to facilitate, customers are purchasing electronic components after the warranty period.

Before purchasing, you can tell us which brands of electronic components are convenient to purchase in your local area,

and we can install the electronic components of the corresponding brands on the heat shrink wrappers.

Packaging Solutions Case

At KEEPTOP, we have supplied packaging materials and packaging machinery for over 14 years to thousands of companies.

Below are our customized solutions for some of the individual needs of our customers.

Grinding Wheel Shrink Wrap Multi-Pack Solution

The Solution specially developed and designed the Automatic product collation device for the uneven stacking and not aligned grinding wheels to ensure Exquisite packaging.

1000-foot cord multi-pack

 The solution is especially for a single coil that needs to be shrink-wrapped separately, and then multiple coils are combined and shrink-wrapped as a whole

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