Stretch Wrap

At KEEPTOP, we offer hand and machine stretch film wholesale and manufacturing services in varying widths, lengths, and gauges to meet the needs of any packaging operation.

We also provide custom printing services.

hand stretch film roll

Hand Stretch Film Roll

PE Hand Stretch Film roll for pallets package.

Hand wrapping is cheaper and convenient for smaller-volume warehouses and smaller pallet sizes.

Good self-adhesion. Lightweight, strong tenacity, excellent puncture resistance.

Hand Stretch Wrap

Machine Stretch Film Roll

Machine Stretch Film Roll

Machine wrapping refers to applying stretch wrap using a machine engineered for efficiency and speed.

KEEPTOP’s machine stretch film roll, the Pre-stretch rate can reach 300%-400%, which results in less waste and cost savings for stretch film users.

Good self-adhesion ensure stable transportation of the goods.

Machine Stretch Wrap

nano stretch film

Nano Stretch Film

Discover the future of packaging with our advanced nano stretch film, engineered for unparalleled strength and efficiency.

Our cutting-edge nano stretch film offers exceptional durability, remarkable stretchability, and superior cling, making it the ideal solution for securing and protecting your products.

Nano Stretch Film

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What is the use of stretch wrap?

Stretch film has many applications, mainly used with pallets to package scattered commodities.

Pallet wrapping, carton and cargo bundling are just a few of the many uses for stretch film in the packaging and shipping industry.

PE Stretch film is used in the warehousing and logistics industries to secure and protect goods before they are transported or stored.

In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, stretch wrap film is used for product protection, Including metal products, furniture, and electrical equipment.

It helps keep shipments safe and secure. Stretch wrap protects the items from moisture, dust, and dirt.

Prevent and indicate tampering, and keep items together.

It stretches anywhere from 100-300% and can cling to itself. No need to use tape or heat sealing.

General-purpose stretch wrap is used in most everyday applications:

Fixed cabinet doors and dresser drawers closing.

Protect sofas, beds, shoes, and other items from dust or stains; protect surfaces or furniture legs from scratches, scuffs and damage.

Just stretch, wrap and relax—your belongings are sure to arrive right where you left them, no stress.

Stretch wrap can reduce the cost of bulk cargo transportation and packaging by more than 30%.

It is widely used to integrate various products such as hardware, minerals, chemicals, medicine, food, and machinery.

What are the advantages of stretch wrap?

Protect goods

The stretch film wrapped around the product’s surface can prevent dust, oil, moisture, water, and theft.

In particular, stretch film packaging makes the packaged items evenly stressed to avoid damage to the items due to uneven force,

which is not possible with traditional packaging methods (bundling, packing, tape, etc.).

The best method is a combination of these several packaging methods.


Elastic Stretch: Stretch wrap roll has high stretchability, allowing it to adapt to different shapes and sizes of goods.

Load Stability: By tightly wrapping goods, the LLDPE stretch film can securely hold and stabilize them, reducing movement and potential damage during transportation.

Transparency: Transparent stretch film allows visibility of the goods, facilitating inspection and identification.

Protect from Dust and Moisture: Acting as a protective shield, stretch film guards against dust, dirt, and moisture, maintaining the integrity of packaged goods.

Cost savings

Using stretch film for product packaging can effectively reduce the cost of use and can save 50% compared with traditional carton packaging.

At the same time, the stretch wrapping film can reduce the labor intensity of workers, and Machine stretch wrap can improve the packaging efficiency and the packaging quality.

Why Choose KEEPTOP Packaging

Advantages of Choosing Stretch Film from KEEPTOP

Personalization Choices: We provide a range of parameters, such as varying widths, lengths, and thicknesses, to enable customized solutions based on your packaging needs.

Improved Stability of Load: Our stretch films are designed to be as strong and flexible as possible, giving you better load stability and reducing the chance of damage occurring in transit.

Cutting Edge Material Science: Our stretch films use nano-layer extrusion stretch film for enhanced performance, utilizing state-of-the-art material technology.

Sustainability Main Idea: Offering eco-friendly stretch film alternatives is part of KEEPTOP Packaging‘s dedication to sustainability and supports ecologically friendly packaging methods.

Why Choose KEEPTOP Packaging for Stretch Film?

Industry Expertise: Having worked in the field for many years, we have unmatched knowledge in meeting and exceeding client expectations with packaging solutions.

Assurance of Quality: Every roll of stretch film we make demonstrates our dedication to excellence. Strict quality control procedures guarantee that our products constantly meet our high expectations.

Worldwide Reach: KEEPTOP is an exporter that provides stretch film solutions to meet various cross-border packaging needs for a global customer base.

For Your Stretch Film Needs, Get in Touch with Us: Examine our selection of stretch films to learn how KEEPTOP can improve your packaging tactics. Contact us right now to place an order with questions or to request customizations!

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