1000-Foot Cord Shrink Wrap Multi-Pack Solution

1000-foot cord multi-pack

KEEPTOP’s 1000-foot cord shrink wrap multi-pack solution
Specifically for a single coil that needs to be shrink-wrapped separately, and then multiple coils are combined and shrink-wrapped as a whole

The challenge of 1000-foot cord shrinkwrap

One of our clients sells cords.

The specification is generally a pack of 1000-foot cords.

Six-packs of coils need to be combined into a larger unit for easy transportation.

In terms of packaging requirements, it needs to heat shrink wrap the 1000-foot cord separately first.

Six-packs of coils, and then combined packaging.

Coil Shrink Wrap Multi-Pack Solution

1. Use an automatic strapping machine to cross-tie the cords with strapping to ensure that the cords will not unravel.

2. Shrink wrap with Shrink Bundling Machine.

3. Transfer the coil to the second Shrink Bundling Machine through the conveyor belt.

4. Controlled by PLC, three packs of coils form a group, and the robot arm pushes the coils into Shrink Bundling Machine.

5. Six packs form one large unit, Shrink wrap with Shrink Bundling Machine.

6. Polyethylene shrink film is required for shrink wrapping due to the heavy weight of the combined wrapping coil.

Below is a video of testing the device before shipping:

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Why Choose KeepTop?

Due to their different materials, shapes, characteristics, sizes, packaging requirements, transportation requirements, storage requirements, and sales requirements, different commodities often face many challenges during multi-pack.

KEEPTOP has supplied leading organizations with packaging machinery and materials for over 14 years.

Our professional team has extensive experience. It means that we are well placed to advise customers of the best packaging solutions available.

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